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This is where I primarily keep my project ideas that are either in motion, launched, or just "seedlings". Constantly growing and changing.

Sprouted πŸŒ±βš‘


COVIDforecasts Aggregate COVID-19 site aims to show various past data readings of coronavirus data, as well as future predictions from various sources. Different forecasts relating to the COVID-19 pandemic are displayed, and users can make their own predictions about the future trajectory of factors relating to the pandemic such as daily deaths, hospitalizations and cases. Our mission is to deliver future projections and collected data by providing the best information on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Growing πŸŒΏβš‘


JustShoot is a community platform for photo enthusiasts to find cool locations for photo shoots. You can browse the map and search for snap spots posted by the JustShoot community. Get inspired by photographers in the area, find great spots to take photos, and share your own. To share photos with the community, double click the map or press the plus in the top right corner, upload your photo, set the correct location, and add a little writeup and details. The result is a collaborative open community and platform for photography enthusiasts, both amateur and professional.

Pink Effectβš‘

The Pink Effect is the phenomenon of BLACKPINK’s numbers, popularity and demand. BLACKPINK are the most famous K-Pop girl group and are currently the most popular girl group in the world, and have risen to global acclaim quickly because of people’s infatuation. They have commercial appeal that ranges from music to brand deals. This project analyzes why they are the biggest K-POP girl group.

Seeds πŸŒ°βš‘

  • Wolf Among Us Landing site - with season 2 on the distant horizon, I'd like to make a landing site celebrating the first season and its characters.

Last update: 2021-05-24